Sensory Services
Remote Descriptive Analysis by Spectrum Method with our Full Expert Panel 
Using our trained, expert panel of Spectrum panelists we will perform descriptive analysis on your sample with panelists working in their own remote workspaces. Samples will be profiled, lexicons built, and intensities rated on the universal Spectrum scales.

Consensus Descriptive Analysis
Our sensory scientists work in small groups to provide consensus descriptive analysis on all product types. This is an excellent alternative to a full descriptive panel and provides a product lexicon and ratings of attributes.  

Drive-in Central Location Testing (CLT)
Consumer testing is still possible during COVID-19. Sample preparation and serving are handled by our test kitchen staff and evaluation is done in the privacy of the panelist’s vehicle. ISO standard panels of n=75 or larger available. 

Remote Focus Groups
Gather insights with remote focus groups. Participants are recruited and provided with any materials needed for the focus group.  Groups are connected virtually with a Mérieux NutriSciences moderator.  

In-home use Testing (IHUT)
Consumers are recruited and pick up product curbside to evaluate at home.  

Remote Training & Education and Product Cuttings
Trainings range from basic sensory terms and tests (Sensory 101) to more advanced classes on sophisticated sensory techniques and data interpretation (Sensory 102 and 103). Classes are tailored to the experience level of participants and to your individual product line. Custom curricula available.

Remote Product Cuttings and Quality Assurance Development
Mérieux NutriSciences designs evaluation protocols moderates remote product cuttings where products are experienced and discussed in a comparative manner for cooking performance and overall quality. Cuttings can be a part of your supplier relations program or for internal purposes of enhancing your quality assurance programs. 

Virtual Quality Assurance Enhancements and Quality Manual Overhauls
Review and consultation on QA programs, protocols, and quality manuals. Mérieux NutriSciences can rebuild your raw material or finished product evaluations by developing robust procedures, sample evaluation protocols, and sensory descriptions, and defect training materials for QA staff.