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Are you concerned that your nut-containing product could be carrying a bacterial pathogen? Mérieux NutriSciences offers thermal and non-thermal process validation studies for nuts to ensure food safety. Our process authority services and process validation studies are recognized industry-wide for their attention to detail. Our experts deliver the precise data you need to make informed food safety decisions, providing you with actionable data to verify the effectiveness of your processes and ensure the safety of your finished products. 

  • Thermal and non-thermal process validations 
  • Equipment validation studies 
  • In-plant validation studies 
  •  Novel processing technique evaluations 

Adhering to recognized industry protocols, our researchers bring highly specialized expertise to each validation study. At each stage of our custom-designed projects, our research team will keep you informed and involved in the process. 

Our validation studies can provide independent, unbiased evaluations to help you make informed decisions: 

  • Satisfy regulatory and customer requirements for proof of the effectiveness of a preservative in your product formulation 
  • Document microbial log reductions 
  • Establish optimal cooking times and temperatures 
  • Replace an ingredient due to cost, availability or technical limitations
  • Facilitate the integration of innovative ideas

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