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Nutrition Labeling Compliance Ebook

In this free, informative ebook we will cover:

  • 6 steps needed to update your nutrition label for compliance
  • What's new on the 2018 Nutrition Facts Label
  • The new 'Added Sugars' requirement
  • A case study on how Mérieux NutriSciences' Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services Team assisted a customer in ensuring an accurate label and safe, high-quality food
  • Dietary fiber labeling
  • Changes to mandatory vitamins & minerals
Is accurate labeling and management a key component of your successful food safety program? Learn the necessary knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of product recalls and negative implications due to mislabeling. Register for our upcoming short course, "Accurate Labeling to Reduce Recall Risks and Product Brand Image (Food Labeling)" on September 25 - 26 in Chicago, Illinois.